We are an advertising agency based in Padua which designs and plans communication campaigns through traditional medias like press, radio and television. We are an agency specialized in graphic design and in fair stands design. We are a marketing consulting agency which supports the growth of Italian and international businesses. We are a digital agency which creates web sites, communities and applications. We are a specialized social media management & marketing agency. We are an agency able to develop new and tailored ideas, always with the aim of increasing traffic and sales. From 1998, we are an agency able to integrate a wide range of skills, by creating an enthusiastic team and turning our own work into true and lifelong friendships. Because communication agencies tend to talk a lot, while we guarantee listening and dialogue with anyone. Welcome.

Graphic, Marketing, Digital


There are brands with "static" positioning. They produce goods or services for a specific range in their relevant market and so they’ll stay. Other brands, however, undertake the way of a "dynamic" placement: they stem from a segment and then they face new audiences, new demands, new challenges. Esse-Ci is a dynamic brand, born in technical lighting market then grown into the architectural one. Needs, technologies, design, completely different prices and customers for a brand that has been able to expand its business horizon without losing its identity.

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