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It is Ecostar’s screening solution for the recycling industry. Ecostar is a company located in Vicenza, Italy which is revolutionizing the market of screening systems with truly innovative technologies. In general, screening is the action of separating a specific element from others. Ecostar machines do exactly this, they isolate a specific material starting from a heterogeneous mass. We based the restyling of Ecostar’s logo and the naming of its new products on this same process, that is, eliminating all superfluous components and retaining only the essence of the brand.

The restyling of the logo was followed by the development of the communications material dedicated to the two new Ecostar machines, Hextra and Hexact. Condensed content, simple and clear design, together with the highlighting of benefits: these are the guidelines for the creative concepts to be used in the different support media.

Thanks to Hextra’s and Hexact’s graphic customization, Ecostar’s new image becomes the “suit” of these new machines. Obviously, as in the finest tailoring, we have created a tailor-made suit for every production capacity.

Ecostar’s presence at Ecomondo, one of the most important Euro-Mediterranean exhibitions in the sphere of the green economy, was the first opportunity to unveil the innovations, both technological and design, of the Ecostar brand. Besides designing the exhibition area, we developed the promotional materials distributed at the stand. 

Continuous contact with the customer has allowed us to penetrate a poorly known but very important market. Screening machines play a critical role in waste disposal and recycling activities. Their further dissemination will be decisive for sustainable economic development. During the creative process we worked with this awareness, making our little contribution to the success of technologies that can safeguard the environment.