Established in 1998 in Padua, Italy, Advertendo is a team of 22 professionals, free-spirited people who leave the door open, always, except on the 15th August, at Christmas or for Azzurri matches. We feel like we are good at what we do but we do not act like we are the best, we work hard, we party hard, we like to create digital but at the same time we are very fond of paper, we love web and press ideas, we’ve got both Italian and international clients, we would prefer those claiming for quality rather than those asking for discounts, we will open an office abroad, or maybe a beach cantina, there is not just one future ahead us: there are as many as our goals.

Our team

People & Departments


  • Marco, account director
  • Giovanni, sr account executive
  • Stefano, sr account executive
  • Giacomo, sr account executive
  • Elina, sr account executive
  • Gemma, account executive
  • Andrea, account executive
  • Matteo, health marketing


  • Filippo, creative director
  • Mario, copywriter
  • Giorgia, production manager
  • Giorgia, art director
  • Chiara, art director
  • Matilde, art director
  • Gioele, art director junior
  • Mario, press office and Social Media
  • Gianfranco, press office
  • Giacomo, press office


  • Andrea, full stack developer
  • Daniele, full stack developer
  • Gianluigi, full stack developer
  • Sergio, sem seo & sm manager
  • Massimo, front end developer
  • Nicola, app developer


  • Giovanni, CFO
  • Sara, head of administration
  • Nicoletta, front office

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