Cashmere clothing.


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Made in Italy with love

A rattle? No, too commonplace. Diapers? Useful, but ugly! A pedal supercar with which to whiz around the living room? Better to wait on that gift, perhaps a bit too demanding. So what is the right gift for friends or relatives who have recently become parents? Simple, clothing designed and made ​​by Love in Kyò, a true artisan workshop that produces clothing for babies and children 100% made ​​in Italy. In these products, artistry complements the quality of entirely natural yarns, such as cashmere, extra fine merino wool, Egyptian cotton, cashmere-cotton and silk-cashmere.

In addition to the new logo and the creation of a corporate identity anchored to tradition, we managed the preparation of the set and the organization of the photo shoot for the new product catalogue. In addition, to strengthen the web presence of the Love in Kyò brand, we managed the graphic and technical development of the new corporate website.