Private detective agency.


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It was not easy to choose the best creative way to confirm marital infidelity. Together with the client, we decided to take the most daring path, the most challenging, but also the one closest to the feelings of the people who have been betrayed. After all, what would you think of your partner if Axerta showed you incontrovertible evidence of his or her betrayal?

Outdoor displays (large and medium size) for a campaign that has had great media coverage, focusing on the pre-established communications objectives. 

In subsequent outdoor campaigns ​​for Axerta we developed creative concepts for a multi-approach campaign dedicated to the various investigative services provided. The impactful image used for marital infidelity was dropped to favour a message with the task of supporting the provocative and fun tone of the brand. And do not forget to take a look at the Christmas campaign, the suspects are truly unsuspectable.