Lighting systems.


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There are brands with “static” positioning. They produce goods or services for a specific range in their relevant market and so they’ll stay. Other brands, however, undertake the way of a “dynamic” placement: they stem from a segment and then they face new audiences, new demands, new challenges. Esse-Ci is a dynamic brand, born in technical lighting market then grown into the architectural one. Needs, technologies, design, completely different prices and customers for a brand that has been able to expand its business horizon without losing its identity.

In those years of intense collaboration we have been elaborating and developing a new communication and marketing strategy, based on this dynamic positioning. Creativities which accompanied different lighting systems in all those news markets were born from this strategy.

The last project concerns the participation of Esse-Ci to the Light+Building event in Frankfurt, the leading international lighting trade fair. The conceptual cornerstone on which we designed the stand and created the communication strategy was based on a pillar of their corporate identity: Esse-ci creates products able to be adapted to any type of interior, from small rooms to large spaces. In other words, after digital world also the lighting one has become responsive.

Here, in summary, the projects developed in those recent years for Esse-Ci: design of the temporary exhibition space for the Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt (edition 2014 and 2016), implementation of the related graphic images and management of the stands, creation of flyers and brochures, newsletters graphic development, ideation and creation of product catalogs, strategic advice for the marketing plan development.