Automatic food service.


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All-around communication for a client who, over the years, has given us opportunities to put ourselves to the test with very challenging projects. Customized graphic design of break areas located in all types of environments, from small offices to the busiest international airports; graphic design for the entire corporate structure and for various BTL media; web design for all the Group’s sites; management of the company’s social networking; advertising in various media, from print to radio; video marketing; customization of company vehicles: all this in the context of a communications strategy aimed at the international strengthening of the IVS Italia brand, a leader in automatic food service.

The communication strategy was developed starting from the creation of the Your Best Break brand, thanks to which it has been possible to position IVS Italia in the vending market in an innovative way, going beyond the classic B2B context and talking directly to the thousands of people who use IVS Italia managed distributors every day.

The web strategy, tied to the objective of brand positioning in both the business sphere and the consumer market, led to the development of two different digital experiences with regard to the target and content generated which are nonetheless coordinated by the use of a fresh and innovative graphic style. Thus, on one hand is the IVS Italia corporate site, aimed at the involvement of the purchasing decision makers in companies, offices and public administrations and on the other is the Your Best Break portal, the first Italian community dedicated to the automatic food service sector. Finally, to further promote the direct relationship with consumers and their brand experience, we have enhanced the social networking presence of both brands.